Rapids Rider on the way

Rapids Rider is a skill-action game currently under development for iPhone platform.

It will include many features, like many levels, excellent control, interesting intertia, game modes, nice graphics and music, unlockable extras, and much more.

To see info about this game, including a video demonstration, visit its official website.

Rapids Rider Facebook site

Xbox 360 games

Bomber Boing and Neon Paddles are games already available on the market, they was launched before the fundation of DAGASU, but they was made by the staff of DAGASU.

For that reason, their Copyright could be changed in possible future updates.

Additionally, you can download the following high-definition Wallpapers for your computer:

Bomber Boing thumbnailNeon Paddles thumbnail

New web

After many tests searching for a good design that fits well with our site, finally we are ready to introduce the DAGASU WEB site 1.0.

It is organized as follows:

  • Top: header, the company logo and the main menu.
  • Rigth: the secondary menus and additional info, like lastest news and others.
  • Left: main column with the content.

First game: Hit Them

Hit Them is our first released game. It is a fast-action game for iPhone platform.

The goal is to hit all the targets on the screen touching them. It requires fast reflexes and good coordination to achieve good results, test yourself and send your scores to worldwide leaderboards using its OpenFeint features.

See Hit Them specifications. Download your copy now, because it is FREE.


DAGASU is a new independent video game developer group. Our goal is to offer entertainment for everyone creating games.

To achieve this, we will try to afford it making full playable games for different videogame platforms.